The Middle East is the origin, root, and birthplace of Christianity. However, in the past decades Christians around the Middle East have been subject to persecution and have been forced out of their ancestral lands to seek asylum all over the world.

For example, the Diocese of Iran was first established in 1912, and had its first native bishop in 1961. Now, it has no bishop. Since the revolution of 1979, the church has had many of its church buildings and resources confiscated. Most importantly, many of the clergy present during the revolution have fled or passed away. Due to government persecution, the church cannot accept any new members or train new leaders.

This has destroyed the diocese and its work.

The plan for the Anglican Persian Mission, influenced by the French government in Exile during WWI, is to use available resources and clergy across the world to put together a global Persian Diocese.

We are working with the Christians of the diaspora helping them achieve a greater understanding of the Bible through teachings delivered locally and remotely via technological means.

A crucial part of our work is translating the teachings of the Bible into Persian and making these available on our website as well as in leaflets and booklets. The” The teachings are delivered as spoken and visual media on this site and via distribution as USB Memory sticks and DVDs.

The Anglican Persian Mission is working to provide high quality leadership at all levels by promoting and supporting the development and dissemination of excellent practice ensuring the continued formation and provision of future leaders of the Anglican Persian Mission.